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1×2 Auditions #2

August 9, 2012 by  
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Aired on: 2011-09-22

The Auditions are in full swing as they move the stage to Miami in the first half. Simon doesn’t have faith in Miami when they have act after act of horrible singers. However, one act shows that they have the X Factor. In the second half, they move on to Dallas and they meet the DIVA that shares the same attitude as Simon has.

The stage is set in Miami tonight to begin with and Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, L.A. Reid and Nicole Scherzinger are at it again to find the best of the best. Steve Jones hosts another episode to see if they can find the next X Factor. The first up is Ashley Sansone, a DIVA with the right attitude. She comes out and sings and it is not good at all. L.A. says that he felt like he wanted to slit his wrists. Simon says that he couldn’t understand her at all. She is not happy with the decision and asks if she was that bad. No one answers.

A bunch of singers go on and show that they have no voice for the competition. Simon is getting tired of the bad competition. Next up is Caitlynne Curtis. She comes out and starts singing. She is alright, but very weak. Nicole says that she has room to grow with her voice. Simon says that is not good enough. She starts to cry and Paula goes on stage and hugs her. She says that she needs to calm down and face the criticism. L.A. says that she is going to be good, just needs some work.

Up next is Nick Voss. He says that he wants to sing “Trouble” by Elvis. He starts up and is really entertaining. L.A. says that he was impressed. Nicole says that it was confusing, but was fun. Paula says that he needs to get rid of the Michael Jackson moves. Simon says that he loved it and has something. He gets a yes from every judge.

Ashley Deckard is next and says that she can see ghosts. Simon is intrigued and asks if she can send spirits to people. She says that she can. They tell her to sing and she is horrible. L.A. says that it was not good and the others agree. This makes for bizarre acts that make the judges think that Ashley summoned demons to it. The lights flicker and scare Nicole. However, the auditions pick up and Miami starts to show that they have the X Factor.
Up next is Melanie Amaro. She has her family with her and they give their support. She comes out and sings amazingly well that she gets a standing ovation from everyone. L.A. says that she is it and says that it was great. Nicole agrees and says that she inspires her. Paula says that she is unique. Simon says that she is the reason why they have X Factor in America now. She is excited and the stage is moved on to Dallas.

First up in Dallas is Jonny Rogers. He says that he is going to do some dancing despite what his mother thinks. He comes out and sings. He lacks the talent that the judges are looking for and they judges compliment the energy but not his singing. Simon calls him a Justin Beiber doll gone horribly wrong.

Next is Dillon Lawson. He sold his truck to be there and wants to show that he has talent. However, he starts to sing and curse on the stage and it is clear that everyone is offended. This sets off a bunch of singers that are horrible and don’t deserve a spot in the spotlight at all.

Dexter Haygood, an older man with a dream, comes up and is dressed like James Brown. He sings and Simon is not shocked from it. He gives him another chance to prove himself and he sings achepella. Simon says that it was much better and Dexter is put through to the next round of auditions.

Next is Caitlin Koch. She is a rugby coach. She says that she wants to sing her own version of a song. Simon is impressed. She finishes and L.A. says that she is special. Nicole says that she would love to work with her. Paula says that she is very unique. Simon agrees that it was really amazing.

Last up is Xander Alexander. He comes up and insults Simon because he calls Xander by his real name and not the stage name. He sings with the audience and judges mad at him and they are not really paying attention. Simon says that he messed himself over for the audition by getting the audience against him with the insults. He says that he blew his chances of making it. That is it for the auditions. Time to move on to another city.

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